Whether you are looking for an indoor light fixture or a new addition to your outdoor patio, DIY is the way to go. If you love rustic style and homemade decor, then this DIY Mason Jar Chandelier is perfect for you! For under $55 (before tax and shipping) you can find everything you need to create this Mason Jar Chandelier at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Spring is finally here! Take this opportunity to create a fun, indoor/outdoor DIY project for your home décor or patio.

Think Bigger, Better & BRIGHTER with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

With just 6 supplies and 5 steps you can create this bright and beautiful chandelier. 

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Your first step is to measure out three even pieces of chain that your chandelier will hang from. With a tape measure or yard stick measure out 3 feet of your single jack chain and use your long nose pliers to separate the links. Repeat this two more times so you have three 3’ pieces of chain. The length of your three chains is flexible depending on what the chandelier will be hanging from and how low you want it to hang. Just make sure that each piece of chain is identical in length!

Items Needed

1. Seven (7) Regular Mouth Tapered Pint 

          Mason Jars

2. One (1) 11.5 Quart Canner Jar Rack

3. 7 Flameless White Tea Lights

4. Koch Industries Single Jack Chain

5. 1 Teske Mfg. S-Hook with Clasp

6. Duracraft Pro Long Nose Pliers

Additional Tools Used: Tape Measure

Step 1

Step 2

Your 11.5 quart canner jar rack comes with two handles. However, those handles aren’t needed for this project so go ahead and remove the handles using your long nose pliers.

Step 3

Now attach your three pieces of chain to the canning rack. You will notice that your canning rack has six vertical bars. You will need to attach the chain to these six bars to keep the chains from sliding around. Take the open end of one chain and hook it around a vertical bar on your canning rack. Take the other end of that chain, open it with your pliers and attach it to the vertical bar on the opposite side of the canning rack. Repeat this process with the other two piece of chain so that your canning rack has chain connected to six evenly spaced locations.

Step 4

Take seven of your Ball regular mouth tapered pint mason jars and remove the lids. Turn on and place a flameless tea light in each mason jar. If you plan on hanging your chandelier outside, replace the lids to protect the candles from dirt, water and bugs.

Place your seven mason jars with tea lights into the wire rack. Six should fit in a circle with the one remaining jar in the middle. 

Step 5

Pull your three loops of chain together in the center and attach to the s-hook with clasp.

Your chandelier is now complete and ready to hang. This country staple is great for indoors and outdoors! Make sure to use a sturdy hook that can hold the weight of the chandelier.

If you want to spice things up, spray paint your rack, chain, and/or hook. For another fun option, try colored mason jars!


Light it up, sit back, and enjoy.

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